“…a keen sense of adventure …taking daring risks” – Patrick Wall, freetimes

“…uniting in pursuit of the song.” – KP, Jasper Magazine

TSP: art of the song, vol.2 Ballads
  1. Mark Rapp: trumpet
  2. Derek Lee Bronston: guitar, vocals
  3. Chris Burroughs: drums
  1. Jangly Records
  2. Released: March 2016
  3. Producers: Mark Rapp, Derek Lee Bronston, Chris Burroughs, Paul Bodamer
  4. Mastered by: Paul Bodamer
  5. thesongproject.com

“Rapp is quickly developing a reputation as a superb interpreter and great stylist, willing to tackle the history of this music with his eyes on the past and his mind on the present and future of this music.” – AllAboutJazz.com, Dan Bilawsky

  1. Mark Rapp: trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, didgeridoo
  2. Don Braden: tenor sax, alto flute
  3. Joe Kaplowitz: hammond b3 organ
  4. Ahmad Mansour: guitar
  5. Klemmens Marktl: drums, percussion
  1. Dinemec Jazz
  2. Released: May 2011
  3. Exec Prod: Paul Sutin
  4. Producer: Mark Rapp, Melting Pot
  5. Mastered by: James Drake

Writing in the album liner notes, Ashley Kahn praises the top-drawer prowess of the performers: “It’s exceedingly rare that one finds this range of talent on one jazz album. If one desired an accurate measure of today’s scene in all its flavors and formats, here it is on one disc.”

“It’s a tremendous honor to be a part of this recording and to stand alongside such great and notable musicians. I love that Roy Hargrove opens the record and my track closes the record. And the cover features my trumpet!” – Mark Rapp

  1. Mark Rapp: trumpet
  2. Jamie Reynolds: keyboard
  3. Rene Hart: bass
  4. Greg Gonzalez: drums
  1. Disney Pearl
  2. Released: Feb 2011
  3. Producer: Jason Olaine
  4. Mastered by: James Drake
  5. iTunes

“…more than anyone else among today’s trumpeters, Rapp is breaking down the age old paradigms as to how the trumpet ought to be played in a jazz environment…” – JazzPolice.com

  1. Mark Rapp: trumpet
  2. Derek Lee Bronston: guitar, vocals
  3. Julio D’Santiago: cajon (hand drum)
  1. Paved Earth Music
  2. Released: Oct 2010
  3. Exec Prod: Julio D’Santiago
  4. Producer: Mark Rapp, Derek Lee Bronston
  5. Mastered by: S.Mellah
  6. thesongproject.com

“With the exceptional pianist Gerald Clayton, Braden, and Rapp are really hitting on all cylinders during this exciting program of music.” – AllMusic.com

  1. Don Braden: tenor sax, alto flute
  2. Mark Rapp: trumpet
  3. Gerald Clayton: piano
  4. Sachel Vasandani: vocals
  5. Rene Hart: acoustic bass
  6. Greg Gonzalez: drums
  1. Premium Music Solutions
  2. Released: Nov 2009
  3. Exec Prod: Gail Boyd
  4. Producer: Billy Terrell
  5. Mastered by: Bill Moss

“Token Tales shows many different facets of this trumpeter’s pioneering ways. He never runs out of ideas about where to take his compositions.” – Susan Frances, JazzTimes.com

  1. Mark Rapp: trumpet, didgeridoo, efx
  2. Jamie Reynods: piano, keyboards
  3. Gavin Fallow: acoustic bass, electric bass
  4. Kyle Struve: drums
  1. Paved Earth Music
  2. Released: Jan 2009
  3. Exec Prod: Marc S. Boriosi
  4. Producer: Jason Olaine
  5. Mixed by: Robert “LB” Dorsey
  6. Mastered by: Greg Calbi
  7. Orig Artwork: Ray Masters