Mark Rapp and Wess Warmdaddy Anderson's solo on Rosie Posie

Mark Rapp Solo on Wess Warmdaddy Anderson's Just Swing

Water Be Still

Amos Hoffman, Mark Rapp, Oud, Didgeridoo, Trumpet


Airegin (Sonny Rollins) - Mark Rapp

Wess “Warmdaddy” Anderson & Mark Rapp present the music of “Sweet Pappa” Lou Donaldson

Woven: Life in Notes and Steps

Cherokee with Christian Tamburr

TSP @ Blue Note with James Genus (Mark Rapp's solo on Radiohead's Packt)

Branford Marsalis, Mark Rapp, Thank You

Branford Marsalis, Mark Rapp, Open Jam

Mark Rapp, Travel Channel, Newport Jazz Festival

Last Resort Papa Roach (Jazz version)

JAI presents THE JAZZ ROOM - Mark Rapp plays Miles Davis

Mark Rapp, Wycliffe Gordon (Sanford and Son theme) at Euphoria Greenville 2011

Lorde - Royals (Jazz version) Pipa Bossa & Jazz Festival 2014, Brasil

Mark Rapp's solo on "Spaceman Twist" | Mark Rapp's "Good Eats" CD Show at Sculler's

Psycho Jazz Contingency

Branford Marsalis, Mark Rapp, 'Nuff Time

The Song Project: Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box

Seven Nation Army

The Song Project Live: plays Beck

MRG live at L'AMR aux Cropettes 2009, Mr. Tricky 1/2, Mark Rapp Group

Billie's Bounce by Charlie Parker | Jazz Trumpet Solo by Mark Rapp

The Song Project @ The Blue Note Jazz Festival

MRG: Live at Newport Jazz Fest '08 (Thank You)

MRG: Live at Newport Jazz Fest '08 ('Nuff Time- solos)

Mark Rapp, Didgeridoo at Birdland

Mark Rapp Group at the Carnegie Club, NY

The Song Project Live: blowin' a blues

Mark Rapp & Elaine Kwon, Claude Bolling's Toot Suite, Carnegie Hall


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