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  • Compare: Spaceman Twist

    Compare: Spaceman Twist

    Our arrangement… Lou Donaldson’s original… This is a blues tune with a fun, running melody and has one of many of Lou’s thoughtful, relaxed and in-the-pocket solos on record. When I first heard Spaceman Twist, I knew I wanted to record it as part of our Good Eats album as it would be a lot…

  • Compare: One Cylinder

    Compare: One Cylinder

    Our arrangement… Lou Donaldson’s original… We had so much fun exploring the music of Lou Donaldson while digging into his vast catalogue of tunes and ultimately recording nearly a dozen of his gems. Some we purposefully approached historically while others we reinvented and presented our own spicey twists and turns. “One Cylinder” posed particular challenges…

  • Compare: Elizabeth

    Compare: Elizabeth

    Due to the specific rhythmic flavor of the original, it seemed there was no other way to play it. I wrestled with this one for awhile, but much like our version of One Cylinder, it was only when we came together as a band that this unique and beautiful approach come to life.

  • Compare: Brother Soul

    Compare: Brother Soul

    This is one of my favorite tracks on our Good Eats record. The vibe of this arrangement is intense, cool, worldly – very hip and funky. And with its myriad of influences – middle-eastern, australian, deep south groove – it expands its reach to encompass a spirit of soul and brotherhood around the globe

  • Good Eats (2011) – an AllAboutJazz.com Review

    Good Eats (2011) – an AllAboutJazz.com Review

    Legendary saxophonist Lou Donaldson doesn’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach in his own music making. His oeuvre, which spans more than half a century, touches on bop, hard bop, soul-jazz, and funk, with each setting allowing for a different aspect of his musical personality to shine. In crafting a tribute to Donaldson, trumpeter Mark Rapp…

  • Serving up a savory, fun mix of tunes

    Serving up a savory, fun mix of tunes

    Serving up a savory, fun mix of tunes is Mark Rapp’s Melting Pot on their new release Good Eats (Dinemec). For my taste, you can’t go wrong with a classic organ trio — deployed here in the form of Joe Kaplowitz (keys), Ahmad Mansour (guitar), and Klemens Markti (drums) — and trumpeter Rapp handles himself…