NY Jazz and a Carolina Bank

March 17, 2011 (NEW YORK, NY) – Known for their industry first “Applum” – a complete record delivered solely through the iTunes App Store – New York Jazz trumpeter Mark Rapp and renowned guitarist/vocalist Derek Lee Bronston’s jazz group “The Song Project” has partnered with South Carolina Bank and Trust on a return tour of the Carolinas culminating in a performance whose partial proceeds will benefit the Women’s Shelter Health Services of Charlotte, NC. SC-raised trumpeter Mark Rapp is looking forward to the return tour saying, “I love coming home to play for family and friends and the audiences in general are some of the best.”

Acting as the group’s mobility sponsor, The Song Project will hit the road in a SCBT Volkswagon Beetle. This is the second time the two entities have collaborated. The week prior to the 2010 Euphoria Festival in Greenville, SC the Song Project hit the road sending Twitter and Facebook updates about life on the road in a bug while gaining attention for the festival’s Sunday Jazz Brunch that is sponsored by SCBT. They plan to do the same during this tour.

The last show for The Song Project offers support to Shelter Health Services who provides free healthcare and health education to homeless women and children through its walk-in clinic located within Mecklenburg County’s largest women’s shelter. Mark says, “What is living the music, living your art, if not making it a tangible experience for all by having a way for us to reach out and effect lives. The pleasure in helping a struggling family, the rewarding smiles… all of this makes the music and night more meaningful and way more fun.”

What is an applum? The Song Project released their debut CD in an untraditional manner and one that takes advantage of iPad’s technology. “It is a complete modern album where you experience the music, award-winning photography, artist notes and more,” explains Derek Lee Bronston. The Applum is coined and created by theConspiracy, a Brooklyn based tech+design company, in partnership with the digital music company Paved Earth Music. It is a free download on the iTunes App Store.

With SCBT as mobility sponsor, a unique model of distributing their music, supporting the communities in which they play, not to mention their jazz interpretations of AC/DC, Radiohead and Tears for Fears, The Song Project is not your everyday jazz group.

Show dates include:
?Wednesday, March 30 – Davidson College Jazz Workshop (Davidson, NC)
Thursday, March 31 – The Lazy Goat (Greenville, SC)
Friday, April 1 – The Speakeasy (Columbia, SC)
Saturday, April 2 – Brown Street Jazz Club (Greenville, SC)
Sunday, April 3 – Petra’s Piano Bar (Charlotte, NC)

About The Song Project?www.thesongproject.net

About South Carolina Bank and Trust

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For further information, contact Mark Rapp: info@markrapp.com