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  • A Thousand Words

    A Thousand Words

    This is my original composition “A Thousand Words” I composed for the TSP vol.II release “Ballads”. Part I portrays a timeless beauty; love and longing; a yearning passion, yet peaceful and calm; a knowing. Part II starts around 5’30” and portrays adventure, celebrating, fun and happiness employing a mixed meter of 5/8, 3/4 and 2/4. […]

  • “My Funny Valentine” Mashup

    “My Funny Valentine” Mashup

    A unique web feature built by the artist themselves featuring tweets mentioning the words “My Funny Valentine”, YouTube videos, a www.rdio.com playlist of over 30 versions and a free mp3 download. http://vday.thesongproject.net pulls in live feeds of Twitter users saying or mentioning the words “My Funny Valentine”, as well as, selected YouTube videos featuring the […]

  • Share the Thanks Web App

    Share the Thanks Web App

    Just in time for Thanksgiving, jazz trumpeter and composer Mark Rapp launched a simple, but effective, web app to spread the feeling of thanks and gratitude. It features an original composition by Rapp appropriately named “Thank You” which was recorded and released on the trumpeter’s debut CD “Token Tales” (Paved Earth Music, 2009). You can […]

  • Blue Note Jazz Festival

    Blue Note Jazz Festival

    Mark Rapp & Derek Lee Bronston’s “The Song Project” is set to play on Sunday, June 5th as part of the Blue Note Jazz festival in New York. Blue Note is expanding its doors throughout New York during the month of June 2011 for the inaugural Blue Note Jazz Festival. The Festival will feature numerous […]

  • NY Jazz and a Carolina Bank

    NY Jazz and a Carolina Bank

    March 17, 2011 (NEW YORK, NY) – Known for their industry first “Applum” – a complete record delivered solely through the iTunes App Store – New York Jazz trumpeter Mark Rapp and renowned guitarist/vocalist Derek Lee Bronston’s jazz group “The Song Project” has partnered with South Carolina Bank and Trust on a return tour of […]