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  • Compare: Raincheck

    Compare: Raincheck

    Daring to arrange Strayhorn’s gems, Don Braden, Gerald Clayton, Sachal Vasandani, bassist Rene Hart and I, took on the challenge with respect and enthusiasm. The result is a collection of some of the must unique and hip modern arrangements to date.

  • Compare: Isfahan

    Compare: Isfahan

    Mark Rapp’s arrangement… Billy Strayhorn’s original… This arrangement was either loved or disliked by the critics – there was no in between. Those who liked it, enjoyed the night and day differences and originality of the work. Additionally, it was with honor and gratefulness, I received the news the official Strayhorn Estate LOVED it! It…

  • Braden-Rapp: The Strayhorn Project

    Braden-Rapp: The Strayhorn Project

    A contemporary tribute to Ellington’s indispensable writing partner Billy Strayhorn. The set is made up of a batch of familiar Strayhorn music, as well as some lesser-known gems (from Satin Doll to Lament for Javenette) that shine brightly in the hands of Don Braden, Mark Rapp, Gerald Clayton, Sachal Vasandani and the band including Rene…