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  • A Thousand Words

    A Thousand Words

    This is my original composition “A Thousand Words” I composed for the TSP vol.II release “Ballads”. Part I portrays a timeless beauty; love and longing; a yearning passion, yet peaceful and calm; a knowing. Part II starts around 5’30” and portrays adventure, celebrating, fun and happiness employing a mixed meter of 5/8, 3/4 and 2/4.…

  • TSP Returns to the Velvet Note

    TSP Returns to the Velvet Note

    Mark Rapp, co-leader and trumpeter for the band TSP (Derek Lee Bronston on guitar), are coming to the prestigious jazz club, The Velvet Note, in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, September 28. Get your tickets online at: thevelvetnote.com/the-song-project/ TSP is redefining jazz for a new generation by expanding jazz improvisations to songs ranging from Radiohead, Paul…

  • Compare: Packt Like Sardines

    Compare: Packt Like Sardines

    TSP’s arrangement… Radiohead’s original… Derek Lee Bronston brought this tune to one of our gigs years ago and it has slowly morphed over the years. Then, when faced with recording “Art of the Song, vol. 1” we took the opportunity to polish it up and present our version. One of the reasons why so many…