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  • Your Carolina TV Interview and Performance

    Your Carolina TV Interview and Performance

    We had a great time this morning appearing on Greenville, SC morning talk show “Your Carolina”. We talked about the Jazz Brunch at this year’s Euphoria Festival where I’ll be leading the SCJO (scjazzorchestra.com) and all that good stuff. Brad Jepson jumps in on trombone and we do a little ‘Nawlins Second Line. Get Your…

  • TSP Returns to the Velvet Note

    TSP Returns to the Velvet Note

    Mark Rapp, co-leader and trumpeter for the band TSP (Derek Lee Bronston on guitar), are coming to the prestigious jazz club, The Velvet Note, in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, September 28. Get your tickets online at: thevelvetnote.com/the-song-project/ TSP is redefining jazz for a new generation by expanding jazz improvisations to songs ranging from Radiohead, Paul…

  • Euphoria 2013 Promo Video

    Euphoria 2013 Promo Video

    I’m very excited to be bringing to Euphoria 2013’s Jazz Brunch the SC JAZZ ORCHESTRA! The SCJO is a world-class big band comprised of the best jazz artists in the Carolinas. Many of its band members have toured the world, recorded CDs, played in notable venues and hugely popular festivals. From Count Basie to Duke…

  • Compare: Raincheck

    Compare: Raincheck

    Daring to arrange Strayhorn’s gems, Don Braden, Gerald Clayton, Sachal Vasandani, bassist Rene Hart and I, took on the challenge with respect and enthusiasm. The result is a collection of some of the must unique and hip modern arrangements to date.

  • Compare: Isfahan

    Compare: Isfahan

    Mark Rapp’s arrangement… Billy Strayhorn’s original… This arrangement was either loved or disliked by the critics – there was no in between. Those who liked it, enjoyed the night and day differences and originality of the work. Additionally, it was with honor and gratefulness, I received the news the official Strayhorn Estate LOVED it! It…

  • Compare: Incense & Peppermints

    Compare: Incense & Peppermints

    Mark Rapp arrangement… Strawberry Alarm Clock original… When Producer Billy Terrell suggested this tune to me I was both bewildered and yet gunning for the challenge. It turned into a very fun and effective arrangement staying true to the vibe and melody then launching into a platform for jazz imrpovisation. It really is an unexpected…

  • Compare: Cissy Strut

    Compare: Cissy Strut

    Mark Rapp’s arrangement… The Funky Meters’ original… I “grew-up” in New Orleans. What I mean is, I earned my Masters in Jazz from the University of New Orleans under the tutelage of Ellis Marsalis and lived, played, worked, breathed and was totally absorbed in everything New Orleans had to offer for the better part of…

  • Compare: Packt Like Sardines

    Compare: Packt Like Sardines

    TSP’s arrangement… Radiohead’s original… Derek Lee Bronston brought this tune to one of our gigs years ago and it has slowly morphed over the years. Then, when faced with recording “Art of the Song, vol. 1” we took the opportunity to polish it up and present our version. One of the reasons why so many…

  • Compare: Circle of Life

    Compare: Circle of Life

    Mark Rapp Group’s arrangement… Elton John’s original… Bassist Rene Hart brought in this arrangement for us to record as part of our contribution to the Disney Jazz release (Feb 2011) “Everybody Wants to be a Cat”. Rene and I have played together for years and he knows my vibe and what I most have fun…

  • Compare: Spaceman Twist

    Compare: Spaceman Twist

    Our arrangement… Lou Donaldson’s original… This is a blues tune with a fun, running melody and has one of many of Lou’s thoughtful, relaxed and in-the-pocket solos on record. When I first heard Spaceman Twist, I knew I wanted to record it as part of our Good Eats album as it would be a lot…

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